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Mel Gibson - The Passion of The Christ 

Q. I heard that Churches can sponsor a TV commercial for "The Passion of The Christ" and have their Church information placed at end of it. Is this true and how does it work?
(A) Want to support the film AND encourage new people to visit your church? ICON has officially licensed a TV trailer commercial that you can sponsor which will contain a customized message at the end of it encouraging viewers to visit your Church!
Take advantage of this amazing evangelistic outreach tool, and have your church sponsor a TV commericial and open your church doors to new visitors. YOU CAN EVEN APPEAR IN THE COMMERCIAL. Click here to find out ALL the details AND to see sample commercials!
Q. Does Mel Gibson make a cameo appearance in the film?
(A) Mel Gibson's hand is the one that puts the nail in Jesus' hand - symbolic of the fact that he holds himself accountable first and foremost for Christ's death. Gibson's feet also appear in sandals when Mary Magdalene reaches out for Jesus.

Q. Where was THE PASSION filmed?
(A) There were two main locations that THE PASSION was filmed. The crucifixion scenes were filmed in a beautiful city called Matera in the Basilicata area of Italy. The rest of the movie was filmed on a set built by Production designer Francesco Frigeri and decorator Carlo Gervasi; it is complete with a temple, courtyard, a Praetorium, Pilate’s Palace and various smaller sets.
Q. Who plays the role of Jesus? I heard he suffered during filming.
(A) Jesus is played by American actor James Caviezel. Mr. Caviezel is himself a Christian, and also happened to be 33 years of age when he played the role of Jesus (His initials are J.C.). For a list of films he was in, click here. He was struck on his back (left a 14 inch scar) and he suffered a dislocated shoulder during the filming of the scourging scene, he was struck by lightning, and suffered hypothermia during the filming of the crucifixion scene.
Q. Can I send Mel Gibson a message telling him I support him making this film?
(A) Yes. A web page has been set up for this very purpose. Click here to send your message.

Q. Why is the film controversial?
(A) In an EWTN interview, Mel Gibson suggests the film is controversial because it depicts the powerful event that influenced civilization as we know it today. (Click here to hear Mel Gibson answer this question)
Q. Is Mel Gibson a Christian?
(A) Director, actor, and producer Mel Gibson is a Christian who attends Sunday services.
Q. Was Jim Caviezel really struck by lightning?
(A) Yes! The actor that plays Jesus was struck by lightning during production. A witness to the event said he saw bolts of light shoot out from his ears when it happened and that his hair was all frizzy afterward. He wasn't hurt.
Q. Is it true that Billy Graham was moved to tears while watching the movie?
(A) Yes. Not only that, but he states, "I doubt if there has been a more graphic and moving presentation of Jesus' death and resurrection."

Q. I heard there is an online message board to discuss The Passion of The Christ. How can I find it?
(A) A Online Discussion Forum has been setup. Discuss the movie, the acting, the music, the symbolism, and more. Ready what others have said and post your own insights and thoughts. Areas availabe in Spanish, French, and German. Click here to visit it now.
Q. In the film, who is the man and woman that follow Jesus and Mary?
(A) The man is Jesus' followe John (sometimes referred to as the beloved disciple) and the woman is Mary Magdalene.

Q. Can I get "The Passion" on DVD or video?
(A) The best way to now show your support for "The Passion" is to go see it in the theater. Many people have written us that they haven't seen a movie in the theaters in over 10, 20, and even 30 years, but have gone to see "The Passion" in the theaters! It is truly amazing. We highly encourage you to go to the theater to see this film. No date has been set for the release of this film to video and it very well might not be until next year. If you want to be notified when it is available, please sign up for our newsletter, and you can be notified as soon as it's available.
Q. I heard that the composer, John Debney, said that he felt that he was battling with Satan to write the music for the film. Can you tell me more about this?
(A) Indeed. John Debney states that it was quite a struggle in writing the music for this film, so much so that he said this was the most difficult assignment of his life! To read more about his experience and struggle "with Satan", click here.
Q. There is a scene in the movie where Mary and Mary Magdelene use white towels. What is happening there?
(A) As seen throughout the film, there is not only an emphasis on Jesus' suffering, but on his blood. That scene is symbolic of the importance of Christ's blood as understood as a sacrifice.

Q. I heard that the actress who played Mary, Jesus' mother, is actually Jewish. If this is true, does she consider the film anti-semitic?
(A) The actress who plays Mary, Maia Morgenstern from Romania, is Jewish. She was interviewed recently about the film - that article can be read on our website by clicking here.
Q. Are there ways that I can help promote the movie?
(A) Yes, we now have several options that you can take advantage of that will help spread the word about this important film. You can view your options by clicking here.
Q. I heard there is a "release form for minors" so that people under the age of 18 can be admitted to the film because it is rated "R"?
(A) Every theater has its own policy on allowing minors to "R" rated films, but many will accept this form to allow minors when accompanied by an adult. Click here for the form. Useful for group outings of minors.

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Mel Gibson - The Passion of The Christ

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