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Mel Gibson - The Passion of The Christ 
Q. Is THE PASSION only for Christians?
(A) Mel Gibson states in an interview in March of 2003, "'Gandhi' was a blockbuster hit, but it wasn't just for Hindus. This film is for everyone. For believers and nonbelievers, Jesus Christ is undoubtedly one of the most important historical figures of all time. Name one person who has had a greater impact on the course of history."
Q. Is THE PASSION really in Hebrew, Latin, and Aramaic?  
(A) Yes, all spoken language in THE PASSION is either in Latin, Aramaic, or Hebrew. The film DOES contain subtitles and will have subtitles in the native language of the country it is playing in.
Q. Why does "The Passion of The Christ" focus on the last 12 hours of Jesus' life?
(A) In an EWTN interview, Mel Gibson states that he chose that last 12 hours because that is the pinnacle of Christ's sacrifice. (Click here to hear Mel Gibson answer this question)

Q. I heard that Mel Gibson cut a scene from the film. But then later I heard he didn't. What's the story?
(A) The discussion was not over a scene, but simply one line. The line comes after Jesus has been presented to Pilate and Pilate states that he could not find any crime that Jesus had committed. Pilate washes his hands and says "I am innocent of this man's blood." Then in the Bible's Matthew Chapter 27, verse 25, the crowd says "His blood be upon us and upon our children". It is believed by many that this line means that the people of Israel accept the responsibility of Jesus' death. It has a rich meaning within the long relationship between God and His chosen people. Some people have debated whether or not the inclusion of this line would incite anti-Semitism. The film is spoken in Latin, Aramaic, and Hebrew. The line is still in the film and spoken in the native langauge, however there is no subtitle for it.
Q. Who was the man that helped Jesus carry the cross?
(A) At that time, a condemned person, in this case Jesus, was constrained to bear his own instrument of torture. Roman garrisons in Palestine had the right to requisition the property and services of the native population. In this case, the Bible refers to a Simon of Cyrenian. Cyrenaica was a Roman province on the north coast of Africa and Cyrene was its capital city. Simon may have been living in Palestine or have come there for the Passover as a pilgrim. Simon was told to help Jesus carry the cross.

Q. I heard there was a NEW CD available that is different from the soundtrack, but they are songs inspired by the Passion. I also heard it has an Elvis song on it. Is this true?
(A) Mel Gibson has hand-picked the music for a special new CD. His goal was to put together an album of great artists of our day that would honor the emotion and the journey we take in experiencing the film. Has artists such as Holly Williams, Leon Russell and The Shelter People, Ricky Skaggs, Jessi Colter and Shooter Jennings, Dolores O'Riordan (Cranberries lead singer), Elvis Presley, Leonard Cohen, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Bob Dylan, and many more. Click here for details and to hear samples.
Q. Can I get "The Passion" on DVD or video?
(A) Starting June 1, you can pre-order "The Passion of The Christ" on video by clicking here. It ships August 31, 2004 in the US and Canada.

Q. I heard that the composer, John Debney, said that he felt that he was battling with Satan to write the music for the film. Can you tell me more about this?
(A) Indeed. John Debney states that it was quite a struggle in writing the music for this film, so much so that he said this was the most difficult assignment of his life! To read more about his experience and struggle "with Satan", click here.
Q. There is a scene in the movie where Mary and Mary Magdelene use white towels. What is happening there?
(A) As seen throughout the film, there is not only an emphasis on Jesus' suffering, but on his blood. That scene is symbolic of the importance of Christ's blood as understood as a sacrifice.
Q. There is a crow at crucifixion scene. What does that represent?
(A) Historically, it was not unheard of that crows would approach a person being crucified waiting for them to die. It is also symbolic of the thief's rejection of Jesus.

Q. Who is the composer and can I get the soundtrack?
(A) John Debney was chosen to compose the music for this amazing and moving soundtrack. John Debney has lengthy portfolio of soundtracks including Bruce Almighty, Elf, The Tuxedo, and many many more. It is truly inspiring and is the perfect compliment to Mel Gibson's stunning visuals. Click here for more details, hear samples, and to order your copy today.
Q. Does MEL GIBSON actually sing on the soundtrack?!?
(A) Yes. To find out the detals, click here.
Q. Does the film contain the resurrection?
(A) Yes.
Q. I saw the movie, and during the scourging scene, there is an image of the "satan" charcter and it looks like it is holding a baby. Is that symbolic of something?
(A) We have the answer, but we decided to post it on a different page so it wouldn't spoil the scene for anyone. If you want to know the answer and have already seen the film, click here.

Q. I heard there is a book that has tons of pictures from the film in it. Is this true and can you tell me more? I also heard it was available in Spanish.
(A) The book is 140 pages long, has tons of beautiful images from the film, scripture quotes, and even a foreword by Mel Gibson. Click here to read all about it and get your copy today. It is also available in Spanish.
Q. How long did it take to make the film?
(A) While Mel Gibson first thought of making the movie over 10 years ago, most of the active work for the film was completed in little less than 2 years. (There were 79 days of filming.)
Q. I heard that Mel Gibson was inspired to make this movie because of a book he read. Can you tell me more about this?
(A) One of his motivations was a book called "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ" by Anne Catherine Emmerich. The book contains reflections on the Last Supper, the Agony in the Garden, the Arrest, the Scourging, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. To hear Mel Gibson talk about this book and find out more, click here.

Q. You said the film is rated R. If so, why is that, and would it be appropriate for me as a Christian or my children?
(A) The film does contain scenes of graphic violence. The film is violent because the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus was violent. It is up to each person's personal convictions whether or not they should see this film. As a parent, we recommend seeing the film first and then make your own decision as to whether or not your children will be able to handle and understand what they are seeing. The film is not suggested for children under 13.
Q. Can you tell me more about Maia Morgernsten, the actress who plays Mary?
(A)Maia Morgenstern was born in 1962 in Bucharest, Romania. She was awarded the "FELIX" Prize for Best Actress of the Year in 1993. Mel Gibson was interested in her after seeing her play St. Edith Stein in a 1995 Romanian film known in English as "The Seventh Room."
Q. I heard you could get free posters and postcards to help promote the movie. Is this true?
(A) Yes. You can get posters, postcards, door-hangers, buckslips, and more! Click here to find out more.

Mel Gibson - The Passion of The Christ

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